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Crystalline Entity

A heavy, fruity afghanica-style plant, dripping with resin and reeking of ripe fruit & slight cheese. A step-sister of my flagship cut, Species 8472.

Species 8472

The one and only. Massive resin, beautiful colours, and potencies not even the Borg can adapt to. Resistance is futile, indeed.

Locutus (of Borg)

The third in the trio of Glueberry OG x Romulan Kush crosses. Another massive yielder with a serious fruity funk. Watch out for nanoprobes!

Skunk #1

*Feminized* A copy of SensiSeeds' cut, this is my personal selection of an old school classic. Smells STRONG - acridly pissy with hints of sandlewood and anise. If you know, you know.

CBD Arlotte's Changel

*Feminized* An elite selection of Dutch Passion's legendary CBD Charlotte's Angel. Testing around XX% CBD and <X.X%THC with a pungently unique terpene profile - something like creamy sour berries - yum. Wonderful in a blend or on its own!

Quadruple Grape

*Autoflower/Feminized* Mephisto Genetics' Double Grape x Double Grape. What more is there to be said? Insane resin, insane nose, insanely fast. Everything is insane.

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